Bobbi Block
 Experiential Facilitation & Coaching
"Bobbi's ability to get a room up and moving, engaged in conversation, acting out difficult conversations, trying out communication styles and management challenges in a highly creative way is quite impactful."   Program Director, Wharton Executive Education
Leadership, Relationship and Presentation Skills Development
utilizing Applied Improvisation and Interactive Learning

•Creativity and Innovation
•Engaging an Audience

Hello!  Thank you for your interest in my work.  I facilitate behavioral development programs designed to build collaborative, authentic, trusting relationships. These experiential programs heighten participants' awareness of the use of body language, vocal choices and mental focus to influence and engage others.

Working with me, you and your team will develop skill sets that include:

  • the ability to truly focus, listen, and make others feel heard  
  • being fully present (releasing internal scripts)
  • congruency of content and delivery, in order to increase trust and connection 
  • authentic collaboration 
  • physical and vocal expressiveness 
  • flexibility/adaptability in times of change or disruption
  • releasing perfectionism; learning how to fail and recover smoothly
  • emotional intelligence 
  • leadership presence and status signals (the managing of how one occupies space and time).
  • creative thinking and innovative action

My approach is experiential, including exercises founded in the principles of

There are no desks or tables in my classrooms.  There are few power point slides.  Through hands-on interactive facilitation and coaching that is both encouraging and rigorous, I foster personal and professional behavior transformation. 

Program agendas include both skill development and practical application to your customized business contexts.

My training programs are powerful, enlightening, memorable, challenging, fun, and yield sustainable results.  I look forward to connecting with you to discuss how I can meet your development needs!
"You are a Jedi with group engagement"

" was the mirror I needed to understand how I am perceived, and it has helped start me down a better path."

" of the best team building exercises  in [my] 30 year tenure... "   

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