Bobbi Block
 Experiential Facilitation & Coaching
  Professional & Personal Development
  Programming and Coaching:
General Overview & Methodology

   Overall Objective of Bobbi's work:
Explore behaviors that build collaborative, creative, authentic, trusting relationships.

   Bobbi's Approach:
      Experiential Learning: 

           • Open Space -- no desks or tables; few power point slides
         • Series of Interactive large and small group exercises,
             often conducted in a circle, mostly
on-your-feet, some seated. 
         • Both
Peer and Facilitator coaching for individual development
         • Proven adult-learning process: 
skill development exercises,

             followed by facilitated discussion/reflection, followed by
             skill application practice in simulated business scenarios
         • Many activities founded on principles of
improvisational theater & acting

  Off-the-Shelf Modules (customizable):

• Collaborative Listening (Yes, and...)
Being Present (relaxed and focused, aware and flexible)
         • Perception Overrides Intention:  making
delivery congruent with content 

         • Authenticity and Trust-building
         • Nonverbal Communication: the use of
body language, vocal choices and facial expressions to engage & connect 
         • Reflective
Listening (The Four Listening Styles)
Status Signals: managing space and time in order to convey Confidence & Credibility
         • Release tension of perfectionism and
recover from mistakes
         • Connect with the audience: 
'land’ your messages without the distraction of thinking ahead
         • Adaptability and flexibility during disruption/change
         • Introduce a presentation with
emotional intelligence
         • Introduce a one-on-one discussion with flexibility and
openness to outcome
         • The Ten
Creative Concepts
         • The Four
Communication Styles (Warrior, Visionary, Nurturer & Analyst) & 'The Platinum Rule'
         • True
Collaboration (making partial offers, releasing agenda, building moment to moment)
         • Fostering
Vulnerability and Curiosity in order to build Trust
         • The use of
Personal Metaphor and Storytelling to compell and engage 
Interactive Facilitation
Learning Styles for effective message delivery

         • Techniques for practicing Authentic Inclusion
         • Accountability partnering to sustain long-term learning and goals

• Any level – C-level Leaders; Managers; Entry
Group Facilitation for Intact Team or Open Enrollment
Coaching for Individuals
Group Size is flexible:  less than 20 is ideal; however ​programs are easily delivered for 10 to 200+
Off the Shelf or Custom-designed to meet the needs of each group or individual

•Range: half-day to two full days; or can be custom designed for longer or shorter processes


           •Preferred: flat classroom; no tables; chairs in a circle (can adapt if preferences unavailable)


click title to download pdf
with detailed description

The Authentic Communicator
(for building Leadership Presence)

The Authentic Collaborator

The Communication Compass

Applied Improvisation

Innovation Begins with 'I'

Metaphor & Stories

Authentic Inclusion

The Interactive Facilitator

The Engaging Presenter

Communicating Your Science

*most of Bobbi's experiential programs can be customized to fit the parameters of a
Keynote Speaker presentation