Bobbi Block
 Experiential Facilitation & Coaching
  Professional & Personal Development
  Programming and Coaching:
General Overview & Methodology

   Overall Objective of Bobbi's work:
Explore behaviors that build collaborative, creative, authentic, trusting relationships.

   Bobbi's Approach:
      Experiential Learning: 

           • Open Space -- no desks or tables; few power point slides
         • Series of Interactive large and small group exercises,
             often conducted in a circle, mostly
on-your-feet, some seated. 
         • Both
Peer and Facilitator coaching for individual development
         • Proven adult-learning process: 
skill development exercises,

             followed by facilitated discussion/reflection, followed by
             skill application practice in simulated business scenarios
         • Many activities founded on principles of
improvisational theater & acting

  Off-the-Shelf Modules (customizable):

• Collaborative Listening (Yes, and...)
Being Present (relaxed and focused, aware and flexible)
         • Perception Overrides Intention:  making
delivery congruent with content 

         • Authenticity and Trust-building
         • Nonverbal Communication: the use of
body language, vocal choices and facial expressions to engage & connect 
         • Reflective
Listening (The Four Listening Styles)
Status Signals: managing space and time in order to convey Confidence & Credibility
         • Release tension of perfectionism and
recover from mistakes
         • Connect with the audience: 
'land’ your messages without the distraction of thinking ahead
         • Adaptability and flexibility during disruption/change
         • Introduce a presentation with
emotional intelligence
         • Introduce a one-on-one discussion with flexibility and
openness to outcome
         • The Ten
Creative Concepts
         • The Four
Communication Styles (Warrior, Visionary, Nurturer & Analyst) & 'The Platinum Rule'
         • True
Collaboration (making partial offers, releasing agenda, building moment to moment)
         • Fostering
Vulnerability and Curiosity in order to build Trust
         • The use of
Personal Metaphor and Storytelling to compell and engage 
Interactive Facilitation
Learning Styles for effective message delivery

         • Techniques for practicing Authentic Inclusion
         • Accountability partnering to sustain long-term learning and goals

• Any level – C-level Leaders; Managers; Entry
Group Facilitation for Intact Team or Open Enrollment
Coaching for Individuals
Group Size is flexible:  less than 20 is ideal; however ​programs are easily delivered for 10 to 200+
Off the Shelf or Custom-designed to meet the needs of each group or individual

•Range: half-day to two full days; or can be custom designed for longer or shorter processes


           •Preferred: flat classroom; no tables; chairs in a circle (can adapt if preferences unavailable)


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The Authentic Communicator
(for building Leadership Presence)

The Authentic Collaborator

The Communication Compass

Applied Improvisation

Innovation Begins with 'I'

Metaphor & Stories

Authentic Inclusion

The Interactive Facilitator

The Engaging Presenter

Communicating Your Science

*most of Bobbi's experiential programs can be customized to fit the parameters of a
Keynote Speaker presentation