Bobbi Block
 Experiential Facilitation & Coaching

Bobbi Block's Collaborative Communication via Applied Improvisation was the
Highest Rated session at the Merck Oncology Conference, October 2017. 
             Scale 1 - 7 (highest)
                  Instructor                            7.0
                 Job Impact                          6.91
                Reurn on Investment   6.91


Bobbi's focus is in Experiential Facilitation and Coaching, but that does not truly reflect the depth of her capabilities. I took one of her sessions and her ability to get a room up and moving, engaged in conversation, acting out difficult conversations, trying out communication styles and management challenges in a highly creative way is quite impactful. She is not afraid to bridge the “business world” to  creative thinking. .....Bobbi is highly regarded here at Wharton, her content is steeped in research, and her ability to communicate and connect in a “nontraditional way” is really worth seeing.

                                                                                                                                                       -Program Director, Wharton Executive Education

•I know the planning team was overjoyed with your session, and I personally was enormously proud to have invited you. You are a Jedi with group engagement; 180 people were enthralled with every word. I loved the way you provided not just one but like 10 accessible, sticky buzzwords to help folks keep the approaches in their minds.  I think the conventional take on the session was "That was great."

•Bobbi Block was absolutely fantastic. Not only was she
an excellent and focused facilitator, but I think the strategies that she shared were applicable to every single person in the room. If everyone at ANet could adopt just 1-2 of her strategies in the way we communicate with each other and with partners, we will be a better org because of it.

Bobbi's session was
hands down one of the coolest things I have ever done at any work session. I found immediately applicable skills for the activities we experienced. I want to do more of this!!

Having been through an awful and stressful improv session in a previous job, I was shocked to find that I actually enjoyed this one! 

The session with Bobbi Block was creative, motivating, and perfect for thinking about how we can better communicate with each other. I love how we were able to stay in our squads and work in groups instead of performing in front of everyone. This allowed us to take risks with improv without being self-conscious. And the reflections were really important for making the exercises relevant to our work and our personal areas for improvement. Thank you so much for this great idea and speaker!       

--Participants in a large-group program for The Achievement Network, education consultants



•Great job...
different than other facilitator/educators.

•One of the
best workshops.

I love this stuff!

•Very valuable.

--Participants in a series of programs in Authentic Communication for
Raymond James Wealth Management


We learned so much about one another and how to enhance our effectiveness in terms of ongoing communication and collaboration. What was particularly beneficial was the focus on practical application and the utility of the material and techniques in the workplace.  We just got a note from our leader who said it was one of the best team building exercises she has participated in over her 30 year tenure at Vanguard AND how much fun it was.

                                                                                                                                                                                      -Leader, Vanguard investment company

Wanted to let you know what a difference one day of your coaching did  for me.
As an I.T. person, we often focus on getting the message out and don’t pay attention to the method – which is huge issue when dealing with non-technical folks.  Your advice to me about delivery speed, rhythm, tone, and the amount of content I give has changed how I’m presenting myself, and it’s having a huge difference in how I am received.
Thank you for that day – it was the mirror I needed to understand how I am perceived, and it has helped start me down a better path.
                                                              -Participant, Executive MBA Program, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

•Bobbi was amazing at providing feedback and creating a safe space to explore these topics.
•Bobbi is excellent at giving feedback; very specific and clear how to change behavior.
•I can tell that Bobbi loves her job and cares enough to help every single participant learn and grow.

--Participants in a small-group program at SC Johnson manufacturing company 

I partnered with Bobbi Block for a recent client engagement. The professional services firm was a tough client; very conservative and risk-averse when it comes to trying new approaches to learning.  The group  of leaders was fully engaged throughout the session.  I was quite pleased to hear positive feedback from the participant group which included comments like, “I found her content relevant, timely and invaluable” and “I think we need more of this type of training within the organization.” 
                                                                                                                                                     -Program Director, Wharton Executive Education 

Thank you again for a fantastic workshop!  The connection to MBTI the following day worked really well. We referenced connections  to the learning throughout the remainder of our time together including a few ZIP ZAP ZOP impromptu moments to keep focused!
                                                                                                            -HR Manager, Distribution, IKEA manufacturing and retail company  


Just wanted to tell you how amazing I thought Bobbi was!  Felt like a real gift to be able to get her brand of guidance and I think we each got to take something away from it.
                                                                                                                                                    -Participant, Scratch (Viacom) creative consultants 

The attendees raved about Bobbi after!
She is so full of energy, and passed along practical, relevant information. She really made an impact on the group of women that attended. We were thrilled.

                                                                                                                -Organizer, Villanova University Women in Business association

Bobbi brings energy, wisdom, and positiveness to coaching. A fabulous public speaker and gifted educator, she makes the journey of professional development inspiring and fun. She is also deeply caring,insightful, and a pleasure to know. I would recommend her for any level of service--from public speaking to personal coaching to improving staff morale. Thank you, Bobbi!

                                                                                                                                                 -Individual Coaching Client, Director of Communications

Bobbi taught me how to turn on my professional self, without losing my true personality, in a memorable way.  I was able to practice Bobbi's exercises in professional settings, which allowed me to further her teachings. Thanks to Bobbi's coaching, my professional presence has grown, and I even secured a promotion! {cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DEndFragment%2D%2D%3E
                               -Individual Coaching Client, IT and Web Development